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HenryFlow understands your agency's workflows and suggests customized, best-practice automations for you. Skip repetitive tasks and win back valuable hours.

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97,3% AI accuracy. Always verified by humans!
HenryFlow is Built Specifically for Agencies.

Eliminate all the bottlenecks, boring manual work, and human mistakes, so you can:

Scale your business faster
Deliver better client results
Improve employee satisfaction and performance

It takes only 60 seconds to get started

Connect your systems
Connect all the systems you use by simply logging into your accounts
Henry will analyse
Henry will analyze your system setup using intelligent machine learning to understand how you use these tools.
Always verified by humans
Approve your automations
Based on your specific setup, Henry will suggest and build personalised business automations. You simply approve and instantly go live with 1 click.
Get your first automation suggestion
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Next Generation of Agency Automation

Get 100% personalised Automation suggestions

Our Henry AI gets trained specifically on your agency's processes and systems, and will suggest all the best automations customized only for you.

Zero technical experience required
All suggestions are verified by humans
97,3% accuracy
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Instantly deploy your automations - In 1 click

No code nor technical experience required. 
We have trained our Henry AI to set everything up for you.

Up and running in 60 seconds
One click is all it takes
No technical experience required
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Build automations in
Natural Language

Simply tell Henry what you want to automate in English, and he will build your custom automations.

No coding required!
Lightning fast results
Accessibility for All
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Wall of love

Don't just take our word for it

We hope to see your testimonial in here very soon! Let us amaze you!

HenryFlow has taken our systems and workflows to a whole new level! We save 70+ hours/month and have 200+ automations set up on the platform.

Mortem Bardrum

CEO @ Wolmer Gruppen A/S

HenryFlow has helped us streamline and automate our whole order management process, which is absolutely central to our business. We have 50+ automations and this saves us countless hours per month!

Ulrik Drost

Sales Executive @ C-leanship A/S

HenryFlow has been essential in my technical setup. They make automations and integrations so easy to use for non-technical people like me.

Alexander Clarke

Founder & CEO @ Clarke & Co.

Henry even suggests automations you would have never thought of yourself! I have worked with automation a lot, but HenryFlow's approach is a game-changer for any agency!

Jens Bjerregaard

Founder @ AplusLeads EU

Automation is central in our business and HenryFlow is simply the best platform out there.

Julie Maja Nielsen

Founder & CEO @ DigiMatcher

Processes and automation are hard to get right when you are non-technical like me. With HenryFlow this is no longer a problem - their AI suggestions are spot on.

Jonatan Hjortdal

CEO @ VM Ejendomsudvikling A/S

HenryFlow's AI makes workflow automation more powerfull than ever! Workflow automation is essential for our business and it is now easier than ever.

Alex Mansour

CEO @ B5 Digital

The future is a collection of best-of-breed systems that all seamlessly talk to each other. HenryFlow is creating this future by making these integrations a non-developer activity in a groundbreaking way.

Robin Winnett

Managing Director @ Kaizen Systems Limited

HenryFlow has totally transformed the way we work. I finally have time to do the things that are actually important - everything else is automated.

Andre Sokalski

Project Manager @ Wolmer Gruppen A/S
Do you have an extra tricky question? Please contact us at:
How does your AI work?

Henry has been fine tuned to understand our own programming language and how all of your systems work. When you sign up, Henry gets trained specifically on all your systems and process. It is 100% personalized to your company, and the training always gets verified by our human team to ensure everything is accurate to your company.

Which systems do you integrate with?

We integrate with whatever system you need. Since everything is personalised to your business, we also make sure you get all the integrations you need. Just sign up and you will get the integrations.

How much does it cost?

Our highest plan is $1.455/month, and our lowest plan is $72/month.

The price depends on how much automation you need and how much training Henry needs for your business. When you sign up, you will get your specific pricing plan.

I am not technical. Can I still use it?

Definitely! The whole idea with HenryFlow is to allow non-technical business people to create automations. You can simply communicate with Henry in English and he will build everything for you.

I do not run an Agency. Can I still use it?

HenryFlow is optimized for agencies, but if you're not an agency, you can definitely still use the platform. We might just need to train Henry a bit more for you. We suggest you sign up and see what possible or contact us at if you are looking for something specific - our amazing team is always happy to help with custom requests.

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